Ultrasound Instructions

Instructions to Patients:

  1. Please bring the referral letter and HKID card (Two-way permit or passport for people from Mainland) for registration, any photocopy is not accepted.
  2. Please arrive 30 minutes before appointment.
  3. All metallic objects (e.g. watches, jewellery, ear rings, hair pins… etc.) should be removed before examination and kept safe by yourself.
  4. The leaflet only provides general examination information, common risks and complications are not exhaustive. If you have any questions, please contact our staff for detailed information and specific enquiry.

For Ultrasound Whole Abdomen or Upper Abdomen

  1. Fasting for 4 hours before examination (Person with cholecystectomy not applied).
  2. Do not drink milk, milk tea, coffee or dairy product (Person with cholecystectomy not applied).
  3. May continue usual medication with sips of water.
  4. For Whole Abdomen, drink a lot of water to have a full bladder 30-minute prior to examination.

For Ultrasound which include Urinary Bladder(Urinary Bladder/Pelvis(TA)/ Prostate(TA)/Whole Abdomen

  1. Drink a lot of water to have a full bladder 30-minute prior to examination.

Based on the patient’s earlier medical report and imaging information, the doctor will determine the exact site of the biopsy, the needle size, etc.
Patients are required to provide a valid medical report (including images) within the past 3 months for assessment and evaluation. The doctor may require an additional ultrasound (which involves extra charges) for those who do not provide the medical report or for a better evaluation of the patient’s condition.
For the safety of patients, HKAI reserves the right to cancel the biopsy service on the spot depending on the risk or circumstances at the time.