MRI Instructions

Instructions to Patients:

  1. Please bring the referral letter and HKID card (Two-way permit or passport for people from Mainland) for registration, any photocopy is not accepted.
  2. Please arrive 30 minutes before appointment.
  3. If the gallbladder is involved in the examination (for example the examination for the whole abdomen, upper abdomen, urinary system, etc.), fasting is required 4 hours prior to the examination except for people who have had their gallbladder removed, or the intake of prescribed medication. Only a small amount of water may be consumed; if you are having a magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography (MRCP), no food and water should be consumed 4 hours prior to the examination.
  4. Please inform our staff before the examination if you have implantation that will pose threat to the body or interfere with the imaging information, such as cardiac pacemaker/ defibrillator /aneurysm clip/coronary artery stent/ Intracranial stents/prosthetic heart valve/ neurostimulator/ cochlear implant/ hearing aid/ implanted insulin pump/ artificial joint/ prosthesis/ metal device in bone or joint/ wounded by metal shrapnel or bullet in the eye/ intrauterine device/ tattoo etc.
  5. Please inform our staff before the examination if you have claustrophobia.
  6. If you are pregnant or suspected to be pregnant, please provide details of your last menstrual period and inform our staff before the test.
  7. For contrast imaging, if you have end-stage renal failure / undergoing dialysis / received renal transplant, please provide the creatinine level (within 3 months). In addition, for examination requiring Primovist as a contrast agent, if patient is diabetic or on long term medication, the creatinine result must be dated on or one day before the day of examination. If you do not have such results, or the result is expired, then we will provide a rapid creatinine test for you at our clinic at your own expense. Please inform doctor of any history of food or drug allergy / adverse reaction to contrast medium.
  8. Patients younger than 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian, and consent form should be signed by parent or legal guardian.
  9. People aged below 15 are only allowed to receive examination with no contrast agent involved.
  10. Before the examination, please take off any accessories or metal items such as watches, rings, necklaces, earrings, hair clips, etc, and keep them well. Please do not put on make-up or contact lenses on the day of the head examination.
  11. Please bring along related films and reports (if any) for comparison.
  12. MRI scanners will produce loud noise during examination, ear plugs and head phone will be provided for patients to reduce such noise.
  13. The leaflet only provides general examination information, common risks and complications are not exhaustive. If you have any questions, please contact our staff for detailed information and specific enquiry.