Mammography Instructions

Instructions to Patients:

  1. Please bring the referral letter and HKID card (Two-way permit or passport for people from Mainland) for registration, any photocopy is not accepted.
  2. Please arrive 30 minutes before appointment.
  3. No dressing, deodorant (spray or roll-on agent) or talcum powder should be applied to the breast or axilla region, White spots may show up on the X-ray images by these products.
  4. All metallic objects (e.g. watches, jewellery, ear rings, hair pins… etc.) should be removed before examination and kept safe by yourself.
  5. Please bring along related films and reports (if any) for comparison.
  6. For female patient, please kindly inform referral doctor and reschedule the examination if pregnancy cannot be excluded. If the menstrual cycle exceeds 28 days, the urinary pregnancy test must be accepted; if the patient is over 55 years old and has been stopped for at least 2 years, the pregnancy test is not required.
  7. The leaflet only provides general examination information, common risks and complications are not exhaustive. If you have any questions, please contact our staff for detailed information and specific enquiry.