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X-ray Examination/ EOS Low Dose Imaging System

In 1895, the first x-ray image of the human body was produced by the discoverer of such rays, Wilhelm Röntgen, whose discovery earned him the first Nobel Prize in Physics in 1901 (hence X-ray is also called Röntgen rays). Over 100 years later the basis of x-ray imaging has basically remained unchanged with technological advances mostly focusing on patient safety, speed and image accuracy. Besides being a pain free experience for the patient, current technology allows digital images to be ready in seconds with minimal exposure to radiation. The convenience and simplicity of X-ray imaging makes it an ideal preliminary assessment choice for a variety of diagnosis, along with medical screening.

Examples of diagnosis that can be investigated include:

  1. Bone Fractures
  2. Joint Arthritis
  3. Heart lesions
  4. Lung Problems (e.g. pneumonia, pneumonedema, tuberculosis or cancer)
  5. Digestive tract problems
  6. Foreign body position

EOS Low Dose Imaging System applies on X-ray Examination, it requires only 7 seconds to acquire each image, 3 times faster than other digital system. Patients are only required to be examined in a standing position, then EOS would develop 3D images that enable medical specialist to evaluate the condition of the patient and establish treatment or operation plan. EOS allows full body, weight-bearing, and frontal and lateral images to be acquired simultaneously with significant dose reduction compared to conventional radiography for about 60% to 90%.


Taking X-ray examination is simple and fast which usually lasts no more than 15 minutes. The specific examination time depends on different parts of body being examined.
Once you register at reception, you will be guided to a private changing room in which you can get a special gown. Personal belongings belongings can be placed in a separate locker during the examination. After changing, the radiographer will bring you to a private room and consult some relevant questions before taking the examination.


If you are pregnant or suspect yourself pregnant, please notify our staff in advance of the exam.


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