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Siemens Biograph Horizon™ PET/CT

Being the paramount kind of functional yet non-invasive imaging modality, PET scan has combined with the technology of computed tomography (CT), allowing radiologists or physicians to determine the nature of the tumors and differentiate living tissues from the dead tissues, and hence the detection of malignant tumors and the diagnosis of the neurological and cardiac diseases could be greatly benefited.

The Siemens Biograph Horizon™ PET/CT installed at HKAI enables fast and accurate image results. Siemens’ in-house design - the LSO scintillator has been upgraded to a more precise definition (4.00mm) from its old version - BGO scintillator (6.3mm), leading to a huge improvement on its resulting images. Plus, the LSO scintillators elevates the signal-to-noise ratio, resulting in a much shorter scanning time. Furthermore, benefiting from the Siemens’s unique SAFIRE technology, radiation exposure can be reduced by up to 60%.